Support & Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to the most common issues in the use of FlipViewer Xpress.  Please contact us if you have got any further question.

Just use our contact form . To provide the best possible technical support, please send us  the link to your FlipBook. For questions on  FlipViewer Xpress Creator 2.4 please send us the version of your Windows- and Flash Player.


What are the requirements for my PDF?

For an optimum conversion your PDF file should meet the following criteria:

  • The PDF should be created as single pages, double spread pages are  supported as well

  • The PDF should have a screen resolution of at least 150 dpi with no cut marks, labels or password protection

  • JPGs as input data is also supported, but leads to a lower quality of display of the FlipBook and there will be no full-text search on these pages.

How do I embedd the FlipBook on my Website?

A FlipBook consist of a folder with various files, including SWF, image, XML and HTML data. This folder must be uploaded with a FTP program or with FlipViewer Xpress Uploader Creator 2.4. After that only the file flipviewerxpress.html has to be embedd into your website.

Can a FlipBook be hosted on any webserver?

Yes, there are no special requirements.

What does the enduser needs to view a FlipBook ?

FlipBooks can be accessed and viewed on any standard Internet browser on Windows, OS X and Linux, with Flash Player 9 installed.

Do I need programming knowledge to create a FlipBook?

No,  FlipViewer Xpress Creator 2.4 allows you to convert PDF documents into a FlipBook with just a few simple steps.

Is the hosting service included?

No,  with FlipViewer Xpress you can host your publications on your own intranet or internet servers and thus  keep full control over your data!


Can the background of a FlipBook be customized?

Yes,  the background color of a FlipBook can be customized according to your needs.


Is it possible to activate / deactivate single functions in the FlipBook?

Yes,  each feature in FlipViewer Xpress Creator 2.2 can be activated /deactivated.

Can I change the zoom level in the FlipBook ?

This is possible with the zoom window on the right side top corner after a mouseclick. Similarly, the zoom range can be changed by a modified rubber band zoom, in which the selected areas will be displayed on the screen.

Do FlipBooks support full-text search ?

Yes, full text search is included. The search terms are also highlighted in the text of the FlipBook.

Can FlipBooks be found in search engines?

The text contents of FlipBook publications are available for search engines such as Google. This will multiply the coverage of your website.  The search data will be generated automatically.

Can I use FlipBooks in offline mode?

Yes, you can embed the FlipBook both on your website or put it on CD or USB stick. An offline version can be generated automatically.

Can I download and / or printed out FlipBooks?

Single pages or the whole FlipBook can be downloaded as an offline version and stored as a PDF file.

Can Sound/Video be integrated into FlipBooks?

Yes, videos in FLV format can be easily integrated with our video tool.  After the creation of FlipBooks, videos in Flash FLV video formats can be integrated with a few clicks on the page. Audio content such as music, podcasts can be added easily in the Creator for individual pages or the entire FlipBook.

Is it possible to add hyperlinks to the FlipBook?

Yes. All internal or external hyperlinks and eMail addresses in the PDF document will be automatically activated in the created FlipBook.

Is the user interface of the FlipBook available for several languages?

The following languages are currently available:

Deu / Eng / Ita / Fra / Spa /Cze / Jpn / Ungar / Poln / Dän / Rus / Chin Ger / Eng / Ita / Fra / Spa / Cze / Jpn / Hungarian / Poln / DAN / Rus / Chin

Can the user behavior of the users of my FlipBooks be analyzed?

In combination with Google Analytics data of the reader of FlipBooks can be generated.

How do I order FlipViewer Xpress and how it will be delivered?

You can order the Software by email or telefone. The software is delivered as a download. You can pay by bank transfer, credit card or Paypal.

Outsourcing and other issues

I don't want to create my own catalog, do you offer conversion services?

Yes – we also offer a conversion and design service  with audio / video content.  Feel free to contact us.  We will make you an individual offer.