From PDF to interactive online publication

FlipViewer Xpress is a publishing solution to create interactive page-turning publications: FlipBooks.

The conversion can be done in a few steps with FlipViewer Xpress Creator. With a simple user interface you can create a highquality digital edition out of print datas.

These may consist of different formats such as PDF, image files and multimedia content.

From a quick online-publishing of a brochure to an extensive designed multimedia magazine, FlipViewer Xpress is the perfect tool for all claims – equally wether it is an ePaper, an eBrochure or an eCatalog.

Links, multimedia video or audio content and animations are also supported, such as design modifications from company specifications.

New: From version 2.5 onwards, FlipViewer Xpress Creator allows publishing to a separate iPhone and iPad app.

Realistic Book Interface
FlipBooks provide a highly realistic 3D effect leaves. Über die Seitenecken oder den Seitenstapel. Over the side edges or the stack of pages.

User interface in 12 languages
The user interface is available in most European and Asian languages.

Thumbnail index of pages
The sitemap allows a quick navigation between the pages.

Import  bookmarks / TOC
A  table of contents with five levels can be added manually or be created from PDF-bookmarks.

Full-Text search
The full-text search in the FlipBook shows the color-coded references in the text. An optional module allows for a web-based cross-flipbook search.

Print pages
Print out single or multiple pages.

Save as PDF
All, selected pages or predefined chapters can be saved locally as PDF.




Offline version
For offline use, a FlipBook can be downloaded as a .zip or executable version.

5 levels of zoom
Allows you to enlarge content in five stages. By separation of text and image, the text stays sharp.

Forward FlipBook / Add
to social networks
With one click friends will be informed via email about interesting content or the FlipBook will be added to a variety of social networks.

Bookmarks can be added by you when editing the FlipBook or the user can do it by himself.

The user can add notes to the FlipBook, which are stored locally on his computer.

Activates auto-page flipping within a defined interval, eg for presentations.

Full screen mode
Switches into full screen mode, in which the entire screen can be used.

Allows changing UI language and page-turning sound.

FlipViewer Xpress Creator
E-Book Systems proven publishing software to create interactive FlipBooks from PDF data in just a few steps. Thanks to its simple user-interface programming skills are not necessary to create FlipBooks. Besides PDF files there can be also used pictures and Flash (SWF) files for input data.

Templates / Project management
With the template management, you can back up recurring conversion tasks as design-templates from your existing FlipBook projects.

Functionalty can be defined individually
FlipViewer Xpress Creator allows you to define every aspect of a FlipBook: From determining which features to be available in the FlipBook, to the design of a FlipBook and control of security and analysis capabilities.

Online or offline
After the creation of online or offline version of the FlipBook you can upload it to any Web server with the integrated uploader of FlipViewer Xpress Creator or with an FTP program of your choice.

Links (internal & external)
FlipViewer Xpress  supports  internal links and external links. FlipViewer Xpress Creator adopts internal links/external links and email addresses automatically from your PDF document.

Automatically Create Links from Index or Table of Contents
Especially in catalogs it may be necessary to link a comprehensive table of contents or an product-index . If these links are not already created in the main document, but are to be produced later in the PDF, external tools are helpful. A proven Software is Arts Aerialist Professional. With that software you can link the numbers of a page with the relevant pages of the document. It also allows a convenient link processing.

Per API-call certain functions in the FlipBook can be selected. Furthermore it is possible to control a FlipBook which is integrated on a website.

Learn more here.

Allows the integration of selected pages as a preview or teaser in the site.

Password protection
Allows assigning a password to open the FlipBook.


Support of video, audio and animated Flash content.
Background music per side / FlipBook
Supported formats: PDF, SWF, JPG
Find out more about the integration of multimedia

Supported Tracking / Analyzing  methods
Transferring data to Google Analytics, FlipAnalyzer tractor and measuring method (IVW-pixel “).
Learn more here.

Restrict Access to Selected Pages
The editor can select pages in one with the "DRM" protected FlipBooks, also free to all users. Learn more here.


20 pages are being loaded in advance to provide a quick viewing experience also with large publications. FlipViewer Xpress support up to 3000 pages  / FlipBook.

FlipBook structure
A FlipBook is not a single SWF file, but from a list of SWF, Image and XML data. This folder structure is either uploaded to a web server, or saved to an offline medium and is accessed via the co-generated HTML file.

Requirements for the data:

As output data the following formats and specifications are accepted:

PDF files: open (editable) PDF data, at least 150 DPI resolution, embedded fonts, trim (no crop marks), PDF version <1.7, as single or double spread pages, single or combined into one document

Image files: JPEG, TIFF

Flash (SWF) Flash <9 compatible, Action Script 2 (AS3 is currently not supported). Find out more about the integration of multimedia

Multimedia data - Specification: MP3, Flash Video format (FLV) *, will soon beYouTube videos

Videos are loaded via progressive download, a streaming server is not required. Find out more about the integration of multimedia

Recommended System Requirements

To use Xpress FlipViewer Creator, the following system requirements are recommended.


Intel ® Pentium IV, 1.33 GHz CPU
512 GB RAM
32-bit color display
1024 x 768 pixels
Windows Vista/XP/2000

Apple Macintosh
PowerPC G5 1.8 GHz or higher processor
Intel ® Core ™ Duo 1.33 GHz or Faster Processor
Safari 1.x or later


Creator FlipViewer Xpress runs on a Mac running OS X only via Boot Camp,Parallels or VirtualPC

Watch a video that the implementation of a publication with FlipViewer XpressCreator